Terms of Sale and Warranty Information:

1. If, within 30 days of purchase, a mechanical part proves defective, seller will refund or replace part.

2. Returns, exchanges or core refunds must be accompanied by the original invoice.

3. Returned parts must be in original condition with Salisbury Auto Salvage markings.

4. New parts must be in original packaging.

5. All return merchandise will have a 25% service/restock fee.

6. No cash refunds, all refunds are made by company check or credit card.

7. Seller is not responsible for misordered or misdiagnosed parts. A 25% service/restock fee will apply to all refunds of this nature.

8. Cores are due within 30 days of receipt for a core refund. Core will be forfeited after 30 days.

9. All return checks will be accessed a $20.00 fee. Buyer agrees to pay all fees and costs associated with collection of this debt.

10. Salisbury Auto Salvage’s warranty covers normal on-road use only. If the vehicle into which a part is installed is used primarily off-road or is ever raced, the warranty is voided. In that case, the only warranty made by Salisbury Auto Salvage is that the part will operate at the time of installation.

11. All sheet metal, glass and body parts are sold as is. No Refunds.

12. Engines, Cylinder Heads and Transmission have heat tabs. Removal or melting of the tab will void the warranty.

13. Failures of parts due to improper installation (i.e. not in accordance with O.E.M. specifications), accident, misuse, over-heating, or improper maintenance are not covered by this warranty.

14. Special orders are non-refundable, if condition of part was as described on front of invoice. A minimum deposit of 100% is required for all special orders.

15. Deposits are non refundable. Parts and deposits left over 30 days shall be forfeited.

16. Seller is not responsible for shipping delays on all ordered parts. Freight delivery is beyond the seller’s control. Warranty is set by shipper, NOT by Salisbury Auto Salvage. All Conditions listed under term of sale (above) apply.

The following limitations apply to certain parts: Cylinder Heads. The warranty for cylinder heads covers the body only from being warped or cracked. Salisbury Auto Salvage disclaims all other warranties for cylinder heads and all warranties for cams, valves, seals, gaskets, rockers and any other attachment. Engines. Failure to do any of the following things voids the warranty: Install a new timing belt, water pump, and thermostat at the same time the engine is installed. Change the oil filter and oil prior to starting the engine, change the oil after the first 600 miles, and change the oil once every 3000 miles thereafter.  Make sure the heat tab is not melted or missing. All HONDAS must have the oil screen and pickup tube cleared. Front and rear crank seals must be replaced. Long Block Assemblies, Transmissions, Axle Assemblies, Anti-Lock Brake Assemblies, and Transfer Cases. The warranty for long block assemblies, transmissions, axle assemblies, anti-lock brake assemblies, and transfer cases does not extend to any attachment that is not separately identified and listed on the invoice. By way of example only, attachments include water pump, carburetors, starters, air conditioning compressors, fuel injection systems, throw out bearings, clutches, clutch forks, slave cylinders, etc. All unlisted attachments are sold AS IS. Transmissions. Transmissions must be drained, flushed, and filled with factory recommended fluids. All external seals must be replaced at the time of installation. Failure to do any of the above voids the warranty. Improper installation, detent cable not properly set, or failure to have electronic connections connected where applicable voids all warranty. SUBARUS must have the proper fluids installed.


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